Infocommunication Technologies

DEPARTMENT " Infocommunication technologies"

The changes taking place in the modern system of higher education, the reform of the organizational and economic mechanisms of the functioning of higher education and the increasing competition in the education market have led to the need to expand educational services at the university. The administration of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications and the administration of KSTU named after. I. Razzakov, the department of “Infocommunication Technologies” was given the task of comprehensively transforming its activities in order to increase sustainability, profitability, and competitiveness.

To solve this problem, the department team has done significant work related to the preparation of documentation for conducting a licensing examination for the right to conduct educational activities in the areas 690300 – Infocommunication technologies and communication systems (profiles “Mobile communication and radio access systems”, “Communication networks and switching systems” ", "Digital television and sound broadcasting" and "Internet of things and telecommunication systems") and 690200 - "Radio engineering" (profile "Radio Engineering") with the possibility of assigning qualifications upon completion of education - bachelor and master.

The objectives of the Department of Infocommunication Technologies are:

- take a leading position in the republic in training personnel in the areas 690300 - Infocommunication technologies and communication systems and 690200 - “ Radio engineering;

- to achieve a high level of quality of higher education that meets the needs of the labor market, the tasks of industrial and innovative development of the country, the individual and corresponds to the best world practices in the field of education;

-training of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel;

-ensure close international cooperation in the field of professional training and scientific research.

-make a certain contribution to the development of the domestic system of higher and postgraduate education in the field of engineering and technology;

-focus on national, international traditions and needs in the field of higher education;

-actively participate in the implementation of international agreements and memorandums.