The department ''Physics'' was founded in 1954 simultaneously with the creation of the Frunze Polytechnic Institute and is one of the oldest in the university.

The department trains bachelors in all areas of KSTU and conducts classes at all faculties of KSTU (EF, FIT, FTM, TF), as well as at KSTI, ISOP, IET, Polytechnic College in full-time and distance learning.

The main task of the department is high-quality education of students, advanced training of teaching staff and UVS, improvement and preservation of the material base and methodological support of the department. The department pays special attention to improving the quality of student education. The department is developing a scientific and methodological state budget topic dedicated to improving the educational process. Work is underway on the entire course of general physics, which includes not only theoretical material, but also typical tasks and questions to test the assimilation of theoretical material and prepare for a laboratory workshop.

There is an educational and methodological seminar at the department, where the methodological developments of teachers are discussed. For methodological support of the educational process, the teachers of the department annually plan and publish educational and methodological manuals, methodological recommendations for performing laboratory work, independent work, solving problems both in Kyrgyz and in Russian. Virtual laboratory works have been created, stands have been updated. The department has 6 educational laboratories, there is a computer class.