Software for computer systems

Software for computer systems

The department of Software for computer systems was organized in 2000 by order No. 89 of the rector of KTU dated August 2, 2000 for the training of engineers in the specialty 552801.04: "Software for computer technology and automated systems", as well as bachelors and masters in the direction 552800 "Informatics and computer technology".

Since 2011, the department has begun training bachelors in the direction 710400 "Software Engineering", and since 2013 - training masters in the same direction.

Training of bachelors in the direction 590100 "Information Security", the department also began in 2012, and since 2016 - the training of masters under a joint program with the Moscow Nuclear Research University (MNRU).

The department began training masters in the direction of "Software Engineering" in cooperation with MNRU in 2019.

The master's program in IS was developed in 2016 jointly with the Moscow National Research Nuclear University MNRU, and the master's program in Software Engineering was developed in 2019, also jointly with MNRU. For one year, students on these joint programs study at KSTU. n.a. I. Razzakov, second year at MNRU. The defense is planned and carried out online.

Analysis of the labor market shows that the demand for professional programmers currently in Kyrgyzstan is more than 50,000 people according to the KSDA (Kyrgyz Software Developers Association).

The annual graduation of all universities in Kyrgyzstan that can meet this demand reaches 200 people.

There is an acute shortage of well-trained programmers not only in the Kyrgyz market, but also in other developed countries.

The graph below shows the dynamics of enrollment of students for the preparation of bachelors at the PE in the department of Software for computer systems from 2014 to 2020.

Dynamics of undergraduate student enrollment in the areas of PE and IS

Graduates of the department in the direction of "Software Engineering" work as programmers in various companies (programmers, project managers, managers, directors). Graduates in the direction of information security work as support specialists, in information security in various companies, most often in banks. The competencies possessed by our graduates tell employers about the quality training of specialists. In this regard, the department of POKS is asked to send graduates.

The department maintains close contact with employers (Halyk Bank, Bakai Bank, Interbank Processing Center CJSC (IPC), AVN, etc.). At the moment, the department has agreements with such organizations as the MPC (executive director of the MPC - a graduate of our department Dyikanova M.), Veloxsoftware LLC, Itigulov IP (head B. Itigulov - a graduate of the department). Employers apply for our graduates. As a rule, at first they take on practice (educational, industrial, pre-qualification), as interns, and then (after graduation) they are employed.

In the direction of "Software Engineering", the percentage of employment of bachelors is, on average, 94%, and in the direction of information security - 87% of the number of graduates. Of the state employees, 100% are employed.

Graduates work as programmers in banks (state and commercial), software companies, IT departments of various organizations and enterprises: Nat. Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, Halyk Bank, Bakai Bank, KICB, "TimelySoft" company, etc.

In addition, our graduates of the PI direction work in well-known companies abroad (Alimbaev Ruslan - Facebook, London, Kondratenko Alexander - Software Engineer in Arcadia, St. Petersburg).