History of the Lyceum of KSTU named after I. Razzakov

Lyceum of KSTU after I. Razzakov – is one of the first educational institutions of the “school – University” system in Bishkek. It was established in 1994 on the base of Kyrgyz State Technical University as an alternative version of a secondary school.

Director of the Lyceum – IsaevaAigulIsmagulovna

Lyceum is 250 students, 10 class sets. It is highly qualified professors of the highest category, with more than 20 years of work experience, having the following government awards: “Excellence in Public Education”, commemorative medals, diplomas of the Ministry of Education of KR.

Today lyceum is a member of UNESCO Associated Schools. The curriculum of the lyceum contains in-depth study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, draftsmanship, computer science, English and Kyrgyz languages. The syllabi of these courses were developed by the lyceum professors in collaboration with the university professors of the corresponding departments and are recommended for the schools of Kyrgyz Republic.

The recourse base of the lyceum is represented by specially equipped subject laboratories, computer classes with internet connection, modernly equipped library and sports complex of the university.

Preparatory Department of Lyceum of KSTU after I. Razzakov is currently recruiting students of the schools of Kyrgyzstan, CIS and foreign countries students. The courses are divided in several dimensions: preparation to National Testing (ORT) and final examination on school subjects, also in-depth preparation on subjects to be admitted to the University for the citizens of CIS and other countries, and the courses of depth study of Russian as a foreign language and English for foreigners.

  • In-depth study programs are developed by the staff of the Lyceum and University with the use of multilevel differentiation and technologies of the adapted learning
  • Differentiation of the students in Lyceum is based on their levels of study and is accompanied with appropriate level of teaching (я здесь изменила немного, а то непонятно)
  • The base of professional physics, chemistry and mathematical education is provided
  • Special integrated courses are developed, creating the possibility to compaction of the taught knowledge
  • Author programs of the Lyceum professors are being used
  • The material is provided through the innovative methods of teaching
  • The studies include disputes, conferences, seminars
  • The out-class work is conducted through the historical, economical, literary “tours”, and other forms of non-formal education

Preparatory Department

For citizens of Kyrgyz Republic the preparation courses for National Testing (ORT), and to the final examinations on school subjects are conducted.

For the citizens of CIS countries the special program was developed in order to prepare the students to the admission to the local universities on different programs (Medicine, Physics, Linguistics, Mathematics, and etc.). The classes are held by the professors and specialists of the KSTU and other Universities, based on the specifically developed programs.

For the citizens of other non-CIS countries the preparatory department of KSTU Lyceum offers the courses of Russian as a foreign language, and in-depth study of English language. The program is based on the individual approach to every student with the development of a specific program basing on the level of a student and desired results. The curriculum of the program was developed by the specialists in the linguistics, in Russian, English languages with more than 15 years of work experience, honored by various awards and medals. The syllabus of the language courses for foreigners includes work on grammar, speech development, study of the desired professional vocabulary, and etc. The classes assume talking clubs, non-formal meetings, and excursion trips to assure the effectiveness of a study program.


Preparatory Department Admission Requirements:

The preparatory department of KSTU Lyceum is currently enrolling students of 11th grade and citizens of Kyrgyzstan to prepare to final examinations and ORT. On the base of the CNO (ЦНО) the trial testing on the subjects of choice is conducted.

The Prep department is also admitting citizens and students from the CIS countries to the 11th grade of the KSTU Lyceum. After the completion of the study the certificate of a secondary education of the state standard in provided.

The citizens of foreign and CIS countries are welcome to the courses on Russian as a Foreign language and in-depth English language studies, and the subjects of choice needed to get admitted to the University. After the completion of the courses the students will receive the certificate of a state standard.

The documents needed for Application to Preparatory Program of KSTU Lyceum:

  • passport (with a copy)
  • payment of regulated tuition fees.