Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I.Razzakov

Academic mobility


The academic mobility of students, undergraduates, graduate students and employees is one of the important areas of international and educational activity of KSTU. It is carried out in order to:


Improving the quality of higher education;

Improving the effectiveness of scientific research;

Improving the competitiveness of KSTU graduates in the labor markets of near and far abroad;

Improving the list of professional competencies through the study and development of the experience of leading foreign universities;

Achievement of international comparability of educational standards;

Attraction of foreign intellectual potential on the basis of bilateral and multilateral agreements with partner universities;

Establishment of external and internal integration relations;

University development in priority areas,

Fulfillment of the mission and development strategy of the university.

Responsible for the organization of academic mobility at the university, depending on its level, are:


Vice-rector for academic affairs, head of the educational department (UO), department of ADM, deans of faculties, directors of institutes, heads of departments, faculty:

Department of International Relations of KSTU.

Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin


Scholarships for students of KSTU for the 2019-2020 academic year

University of Granada


University of Granada, Spain



Official website




Number of scholarships


For Student: 1

For Staff: 0








Mobility Duration



3 month in 2019-2020 academic year



Direction / specialty of mobility



Application deadlines


December 25, 2019



The process of filing application documents


• Application form (get the form in the international relations department of KSTU)
• Copy of passport
• Copy of ID

• Certificate about PhD/Aspirant students
• Letter of recommendation in Russian and English
• Letter of motivation in Russian and English

Research plan
• CV in English
• Confirmation of language skills, if available

Course catalog



Language skills


English language skills ( В1)





Students must submit an application for booking a dormitory on their own



Visa support and registration


Department of International Relations of KSTU





Students need to purchase insurance



For more information



Department of International Relations and Academic Mobility of KSTU

Main building of KSTU Cab. 1/301,

Phone: 0(312) 54 51 51, 0(312) 54 77 59




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