One of the important indicators characterizing the quality of training of specialists by higher educational institutions is the demand for graduates in the labor market and their employment. Every year, the requirements for the level of specialists education is increased. This is due to the improvement of technologies, equipment and the introduction of the requirements of HACCP, ISO 22000. To be an engineering and technical employee of an enterprise, it is necessary to know perfectly your specialty theoretically, as well as have practical skills. Food enterprises, to improve the level of engineering and technical workers, conduct testing of young specialists before hiring them. Many business leaders, as always, prefer graduates of KSTU, due to the high professional training and practical knowledge of graduates. This fact is still facilitated by the opening of the training and production center “Technologist”, where a part of the laboratory workshop on special subjects of the industry’s technology is held.

Collaboration between universities and enterprises is a key tool for both improving the quality of education and the most efficient use of knowledge in production. To increase the effectiveness of interaction, round tables and “Job Fair” are regularly held with the leaders of food industry enterprises, where ways and forms of successful and mutually beneficial cooperation are discussed.

In 2018, a round table was organized and conducted by the department’s staff on the topic “University - the food industry: ways of further cooperation”, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of KSTU. The participants in the round table were food production managers, representatives of the GIZ project, KSTU managers and employees of the Food Technology department. Issues on joint mutually beneficial cooperation on training qualified workers for the food industry and ways of improvement were discussed.

In 2019, the department graduated from 55 students who received engineering and bachelor degrees in four specialties: “Technology of milk and dairy products”, “Technology of meat and meat products”, “Technology of bread, bakery and confectionery and pasta”, “Food biotechnology”.

Information about the enterprises and employment of graduates


List of enterprises

Technology of meat and meat pr

LLC Barkad, LLC Rikha, LLC Al-Halal, LLC Novopavlovskie kolbaski, LLC Sher-Inc, LLC Toiboss, LLC Shin-Line, LLC Nuristan

Technology of milk and dairy products

LLC Family Traditions, LLC Kant Sut, CJSC Shoro, LLC Ak Zhalga, JSC Bishkek sut, LLC Bekpr, LLC El sut

Technology of bread, confectionery and pasta

LLC Elita, LLC RoLa, LLC Saamal, LLC Bekpr, LLC Kulikovsky Cake, Public Association of Bakers, OJSC Independent Bread Inspection, LLC Shirin, LLC Count's cake

Food Biotechnology

CJSC Bear-Beer, LLC Vinodel, LLC Biovit, LLC VK Bishkekvinkom, LLC Kant Sut, CJSC Ursus, LLC Kyrgyzkonyagi, LLC BEKPR, CJSC Shoro , LLC Abdysh-Ata