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Transport and machine building faculty 3 фев

In 1954 the mechanical technological faculty was established. In 1999 it was renamed to the Transport and Machine building faculty. The faculty is the only academic unit in the country that trains specialists in machine building.

Transport and machine building faculty

There are eight departments in the faculty:

    • Machine building Technology;

    • Automobile Transport;

    • Automatization and Robotics;

    • Transport Management;

    • Printing industry;

    • Metrology and standartization;

    • Engineering Pedagogy;

  • Engineering Graphics.

Transport and machine building faculty

Practically orientated forms of tea- ching are used at the faculty due to the transmission on second level education system. 90 % of graduates are employed. Good teaching and laboratory facilities of the Faculty contribute to the successful education of students. Specialists corres- ponding to modern requirements, are trained by highly qualified lecturers (10 doctors, 28 candidates of sciences). Fa- culty preserves and enhances the histori- cally established traditions of the oldest \»Polytech” faculty. Relationship with foreign partners is well-established.

Transport and machine building faculty

Faculty of Transport and Machine building is a member of various interna- tional associations: the Association of technical Universities, the Engineering Education Association, SYNERGY project, International Laser Association, the Gra- phic Arts workers Association, International Association of Automotive and Road Education and others.

Transport and machine building faculty

Training of scientific and pedagogical specialists is carried out through post- graduate and doctoral courses. Scientific researchers are aimed on at solving the most important problems of machine building and transport, continuum mechanics, materials studying and engineering. Scientific Investigational Institute of Physical Technical problems successfully carries out their activities on the base of the faculty.