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Power Engineering faculty 3 фев

Energy is the basis for the Kyrgyzstan national economy, which determines the level and the speed of its development. Working in the energy sector – is a reliable guarantee of the welfare.
Over almost sixty year period the Power faculty is the leader in highly quali- fied specialists\’ training for the power engi- neering. The faculty realizes the funda- mental training of multidiscipline experts who possess high adaptability to profes- sional activities
During the whole history of the faculty about ten thousand electrical engineers, Bachelors, Masters were graduated.

Power Engineering faculty

Graduates of the Power Engineering Faculty are able to work successfully at any power station in the industry: at gene- rating stations, transit transmission and distribution of electricity; power supply system of industrial and autonomous facilities; in the designing area, research, production and operation of electric po- wer, electro mechanic and electronic sys- tems and their components; at heat and- power engineering systems, and at instal- lation and fixing, project and scientific research organizations of energetic and other fields of national economy.

Power Engineering faculty

There are nine Departments at the fa-culty:

  • Electro energetic;
  • Power Supply;
  • Electro mechanics;
  • Renewable energy sources;
  • Heat engineering and life security;
  • Theoretical basis of electro technique and general electro technique;
  • General physics;
  • Higher mathematics;
  • Philosophy and social sciences.

The faculty has a modern laboratory base and computer labs. There is the only Internet lab of remote access in Central Asia. It provides an opportunity for auto- mated laboratory training with the organization of multiuser access to the laboratory equipment of computer net- works. There are laboratory-museum of elec- tricity meters and measuring equipments and laboratory of Automated System of Scientific Researches (ASSR) in electrical engineering. In 2013 the training ground on electric power engineering was opened on the territory of the University. It will provide opportunity to the students to practice their skills using the real equipment.