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What telematics? Telematics is software and hardware systems for remote monitoring and manipulation of information and material objects by transmitting requests and commands to the object management system.

The objects of professional activity of graduates in the direction of training 690600 Telematics are:

Security telematics
Creation and implementation of systems combining security and safety of industrial and information facilities on the basis of a single software and hardware complex with a common information environment and a single database.

Telematics in training
Means, technologies, resources and services of e-learning and mobile learning, applied Internet technologies.

Telematics Services
Telematic services, production, commerce, logistics, government, agriculture.

Transport Telematics
Transport telematics is a complex of possible technical solutions (hardware, software, technological, scientific, etc.) in the field of information technologies, allowing to achieve optimal indicators of transport work and the production process in terms of logistics and supply chain management. Telematics on transport includes intelligent transport systems that allow the exchange of information between the vehicle and the transport infrastructure (traffic management system, positioning and navigation systems).

Building Automation
Building Automation - an integrated automated control and management system for building systems. Building automation offers a full range of services for the design, implementation and maintenance of security systems, deals with access control systems, fire alarm systems and video surveillance, as well as their integration into a single system. Particular attention is paid to innovative areas - GSM alarm systems, wireless video surveillance systems, fire alarm systems, HVAC equipment automation systems, building automation and resource-saving equipment, visualization, control and optimization of technical installations. Integration of control systems: lighting control, climate control, security security, fire safety, home cinema, background sound system, terrestrial and satellite television, local area network, telephony, water treatment and purification of water, control of electric motors and pumps, control of elevators, parking control.

Medical telematics
Medical telematics is an integral term meaning activities, services and systems related to the provision of remote medical care through information and communication technologies, aimed at promoting global health, conducting epidemiological surveillance and providing medical care, as well as teaching, managing and conducting research in medecine.

Management of ultra-small objects.