Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I.Razzakov

Department of Logistics


Currently, logistics is a relatively young and rapidly developing economic science.
Logistics is an integral management tool that contributes to the achievement of strategic, tactical or operational goals of a business organization at the expense of effective, in terms of reducing total costs and satisfying end-user requirements for the quality of products and services, managing material and or service flows, as well as related information flows and financial assets. The main components of the logistics system are transportation, warehousing and inventory management, where an established network of information flows plays a huge role.

Thus, the main goal of Logistics is to ensure the competitive position of business organization in the market. Logistics achieves these goals through the management of flow processes based on the "Seven right of Logistics" (abbreviation 7R):

1. Right product;
2. Right quality;
3. Right quantity;
4. Right customer;
5. Right place;
6. Right time;
7. Right price.

Nowadays these added next rights:

8. Right information;
9. Right sevice.