Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I.Razzakov

Food technology

Food technology

Specialists are trained in full-time and distance learning and a multi-level system - bachelor, master.

"Food Technology" department conducts training in 3 areas and four undergraduate profiles:

• 740200 “Technology and production of food products of animal origin”

• 740100 “Technology and production of food products from plant materials”

• 720200 "Biotechnology"

• profile “Technology of meat and meat products”;

• profile “Technology of milk and dairy products”;

• profile “Technology of bread, pasta and confectionery”;

• profile “Food Biotechnology”.

These are specialists with multifaceted fundamental and practical training, who can work both in large industrial enterprises and in small factories for the production of meat, dairy products, bread, confectionery, pasta; grain processing, flour production; food and dietary supplements, etc.

The department is equipped with equipment and devices that meet the requirements necessary for the training of engineers of this profile. The department has specialized laboratories equipped with experimental industrial equipment for laboratory work on the production of meat, dairy products, bread, confectionery.

The laboratories have modern devices that allow a comprehensive assessment of the quality of meat, dairy products, bread and bakery products, confectionery and pasta. The department entered into a long-term agreement with the Independent Bread Inspection LLC, which provided its own laboratory for the purpose of conducting laboratory and educational research for students of the profile "Technology of bread, pastry and pasta."

The fundamental and special knowledge acquired by the graduates of the department allows them to lead responsible areas of work in the ministries and departments of the Kyrgyz Republic, at the enterprises of the meat, dairy, baking, confectionery industries,  and become leading scientists of research, as well as higher and secondary special institutions. The successful application of basic knowledge and practical work experience is highly appreciated by a number of foreign firms. Graduates of the department are known and appreciated in a wide variety of industries and science.

In the educational process, students receive information about the new achievements of science and practice of domestic and foreign experts in the field of creating modern food technology, the problems of intensive gene technology, the use of transgenic plants and animals in food are considered and discussed.

Particular attention in training is paid to issues of formation and improvement of product quality, modern methods of assessing nutritional value and food safety. Main courses of lectures for bachelors: general technology, food chemistry, scientific fundamentals of production, general principles of raw materials processing and introduction to production technologies, metrology, standardization and certification, commodity science of food products, food and biologically active additives, methods for studying the properties of raw materials and food products, economics and organization of production, refrigeration equipment and technology, etc.

In the direction "Technology and production of food products of animal origin" 3 master's programs are implemented:

- Safety and quality of food;

- Product development;

- Technology and enterprise management.

Only those persons who already have a diploma of higher education at the level of a bachelor, specialist or master can apply for master's programs. The ability to change the direction of study and get a new specialty is another of the key advantages of the 4 + 2 system (undergraduate + graduate). Selection for master's training is carried out on a competitive basis. The two-year program of specialized training for masters provides a significant individualization in training.

An opportunity to combine work and study in a magistracy. Master students often find work in the learning process. At the same time, a significant part of the graduates are arranged to work in their specialty.

Postgraduate Training

A special place in the system of training scientific and pedagogical personnel is held by graduate school. The department has prepared more than 30 candidates of technical sciences and 2 doctors of technical sciences. Currently, 4 postgraduate students are studying at the department. The supervisors are: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor M. Musulmanova, Ph.D., Professor of KSTU Dzhamakeeva A.

The growth of food industries, such as dairy, flour, meat, fermentation, etc., observed in the Kyrgyz Republic in recent years has caused widespread demand for specialists graduated from the department. Mutually beneficial cooperation agreements have been concluded with Independent Bread Inspection LLC, Rikha LLC, Barkad LLC, Adal Azyk LLC (Toyboss), Pepsi-Ko CJSC, Sut Bulak CJSC, and applications have been received from JSC Wim-Bill-Dan, LLC Kant Sut, JSC Elet-Sut , JSC Ak-sut, LLC Yashar, JSC Akun, JSC Bishkekmelkombinat, LLC Bear Beer, LLC Saamal, Biovit CJSC, etc.